God morgen i Norge!
Det skjer mye for tiden – må formidle til våre venner:
2 gledelige nyheter midt opp i den nepalske tragedien. I går ble en stor gutt på over 4 kg født i Hamar. Han kom keiserlig til verden og får det kongelige navnet Gustav. Han timet det godt inn den lille karen. Da vi gikk på flyet i Athen visste vi at noe var på gang og da vi byttet fly i London, lå det bilde av den nyfødte karen på mobilen! Staselige! Vi er så glade og stolte. Nå drar vi til Hamar for å passe storesøsteren som har spysyke.

Den andre gledelige nyheten er at Lok og Dorothy med familie har overlevd jordskjelvet. Her er e-mailen jeg fikk fra Lok i dag morges:

Dearest Loving friends Bjorg and Hans,

Thank you so much for your Loving email,

By the grace of our Lord and through your prayer we are safe, The Lord save our life and thank you so much for your Love and concern , but we are very sorry we could not inform you earlier because there was no electricity and no internet even phone was not working and from yesterday we have electricity and internet , We are also sorry that you have to wait for a long time to hear from us ,

At the moment all of us are going through lots of pain and suffering which we cannot express in our words due to huge devastation of EARTHQUAKE that had hit on 25th April2015, As a result 4464 are killed and more than 6800 are injured ,till the data and more details yet to be received , whole country is experiencing insecurities and uncertainty ,I am sure you are you are following the news of Nepal, We thank the Lord it was on holiday and also during the day , if it was on other days casualties would be more because school and colleges buildings are weak and other working places are not safe , It is good that it happened on Saturday which is our holidays and also in was on around 12 noon means 11,56 am ,In our country during the day usually people are outside their house or here and there that is why human death are less but still rescue work is going on and mainly old buildings are collapses, Many countries are involved in rescue work and also humanitarian aids and they are working day and night and people are still after shock and still afraid to go into their houses , We thank the Lord the main highway is ok that is why after few days food items will come in but some parts of the country the link roads are damaged , To come to our normal life it will take long time and also to rebuild thing proses will take time ,

We thank the Lord our house is not collapse but there are some cracks and may need some repairing and our Church is doing fine no body lost their lives because we were in the Church during the Earthquake time and our Church boundary wall is collapsed and some cracks in main building too, Some of our Church members houses are badly damaged ,

In other Churches many people lost their lives because that time was during our Church service time many were in the Church,

Bye for now , we Value your prayer and thank you so much for your Love

With Lover and prayer

Lok, Dorothy and Children

Godt å høre at alt er gått bra med den familien. Fryktelig å tenke på at et land som har det vanskelig fra før, nå får det enda verre. Håper ikke verden glemmer dette lille landet etter mediastormen har gitt seg.

Fin dag til alle!